Etsy Christmas Cards

I love Etsy and I think they have great resources no matter what you're looking for. 
I found a few Christmas Cards that I love! Personally, I would have the PDF to me and then printed at a local printing company -- they do great work!

This card is from PinchofSpice

This card is from Meagan Adair.

Both of these cards are reasonable and would be too much to have printed! 


Advice from A to Z.

I found this on Pinterest (Where else?!) and decided to check out. 
Then I found this (See below.) and decided to do it. 

Here we go!

Act right. 
Be nice. 
Don't do drugs.
Eat local. 
Find Waldo. 
Go far away.
Help people. 
Iron your shirt. 
Kick the bad habit. 
Learn to speak another language. 
Never say never. 
Order room service. 
Pay off debt. 
Quit procrastinating. 
Ride the grocery cart. 
Stay calm. 
Turn off the t.v.
Wake up and see the sun rise. 
Xamine your motives.
Zealously live.


A dogs life.

All this time (4 years) I thought my pup was a Shih Tzu, but after extensive research, I am pretty sure she is a Lahso Apso. How will I break the news to her? Her whole life a lie.


My two boys.

Purple people eater...

How amazingly awesome are those two rooms?! 
Ugh. My heart be still. 
I don't tend to think of myself as a girly girl, but who doesn't love a nice shade of purple?