Wit & Whistle

So, as ya'll know Mother's Day is around the corner. Like, literally. 
This will be my second Mother's Day and I'd like to confess to you that it makes me a little giddy when I think about it. That day reminds me that I am officially a Mom. Not like every other day doesn't but this day screams that fact in my face. Enough with the jibber-jabber....I came to tell you, probably a little too late, about this beautiful card I ordered for the two other Moms in my life. They are from Wit & Whistle and are just plain lovely. See....

It's printed on paper that has wildflower seeds imbedded it it?! How stinkin' cool, right?
Of course Moms like this, including me. Anything to fill my house with beauty is an A+ in my book. 
Now the hunt is on for some pretty planting pots. Look out Home Goods, Momma's coming to town!

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