Note to Self?

This morning I stumbled upon this.
For a reason. obviously. 
What spoke to me; 

 3) Work out better. You go to the gym plenty, but a lot of times you half ass it. Go to new classes alone. No one is going to point and laugh at you.

 5) Eat better. Plan menus ahead and buy good food, not food that is fast and easy to make.  You will feel so much better.  Take the extra time to make sure that what is going into your body is fresh, healthy and yummy.

 7) Be a better wife. You kind of suck at being a wife. You are selfish and whiny and don’t give as much as you get. Listen closer, get off your computer and spend real time with each other and be supportive! He has been there for you through so much and you need to reciprocate.

Sometimes life takes over and we forget to focus on the small things that change our life for the better. i.e., eating healthy, excercise, being nice. These three things need major improvement in my life. Here's to a new start and a new life! Who's with me?! 


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